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    2020 : Ice Fishing Colorado will not be around for the next 5 years...
 I have sold my rights to rent out supplies for the next 5 years  to 3 local outfitters/Guides who do not want to be mentioned..I did not sell Ice Fishing Colorado but I did give up the rights to rent supplies for 5 years..( I've been doing to good!!)..I am sorry for any inconveince this may cause..
 Since I take care of my terminal ill mother, this is good timing for my family...I WILL be back in 5 years..
                                           THANK YOU FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!.
 I will continue to post the tournaments here as I will be at most of them..Look for me on the ice as I will be giving away supplies every time I am on the ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  This site / business has been featured on the front page of the Golden Newspaper, featured on 9, we have been in 5280 magazine twice, and was featured in a story of 100 things to do in Colorado, we were number 50...In 2016 we  did a spot on "The Fan" Talk radio with Terry Wickstrom  and in total have been in 18 different magazines and shows....

                                                  2020 GUIDE SERVICE

 Robby Richardson, owner of Sport Fish Colorado and he can take you out and is the 2017 people's choice guide of the year here in Colorado!!!! Sport Fish Colorado focuses on fishing for trophy fish on the Blue Mesa, Antero, Spinney, 11 Mile, Taryall, McPhee and Pueblo reservoirs!!! He also does rentals for the western slope and is available at: