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                                                                                   PACKAGES FOR 2018 

 12/01/2017 - After a trip to the mountains today, I have decided to delay opening until December 23rd, 2017 as I am not putting any one on unsafe ice...I didn't find any today I wanted to be on..

     This year Our 2018 packages will be the best we have put out to date with a bigger variety of jigs and baits...We have everything you need to ice fish here in Colorado and you can even pick and choose what you want to rent from us...Rentals are for 1 day only and reservations are a must !!!!

For license info click here:   Fishing License 

  You can rent a whole package or just an individual item.....Our Snow Man Package is listed below  and even further down the page are the single item rentals...Give us a call and we will work with you to make sure you get what you need to experience a day ice fishing here in Colorado..

                                                  SHANTY RENTALS 

Due to the way these are brought back over the last 2 years, you will be required to put down a $25.00 cash deposit when you pick the shanty up...When returned , we will check them and If there are no problems, you will get 100% of the deposit back....You must plan on staying for 5 minutes upon return to give us time to check the shanty...

                         THESE SHANTIES ARE FOR WARMTH !!


2018: Leave your fish with us over night and we will smoke and vacum seal them for you for free with-in 24 hours...Thanks for renting from us!!!!!!!

Western slope rentals please contact Robby at  IceFishColorado.com


                          WE WILL ONLY HAVE ONE  PACKAGE FOR 2018   

                               ( extras can be added from bottom of page )

                                                       All prices are for 1 day

                             Call : 303-269-1565 for a reservation!!!


                           SNOW MAN  PACKAGE                                                           $ 55.00

                     sled                                                                           gas auger

                     heater                                                                       3 jigging poles/holders

                     tackle box/tackle                                                      2 chairs         

                     ice scoop                                                                  ice chisel

                     shovel                                                                      2 jig kits

                     safety box (first aide kit, shoe cleats,etc..)

     below are items you can add to the snow man package or rent out as a single item for 1 day... 

                          There will be a $25.00 cash/check deposit for renting a shanty

            ITEM                        price if added to a package               price if rented as a single item

Shanty    ( deposit required )               $ 20.00                                   $ 30.00

Extra Day Packages                     $ 30.00                                    ---------

Gas Auger                                      ---------                                    $ 30.00                               Extra Day Gas Auger                    $ 15.00                                   $ 15.00                      

Fish Finder                                    $ 10.00                                   $ 15.00

Tip-Up                                           $ 3.00                                     $ 5.00

Automatic-Fishermen/with pole        $10.00                                    $ 15.00

                                                           OUR TACKLE BOX

Our tackle boxes come with all your basic fishing supplies like hooks, weights, floats/bobbers, foreceps, clippers and some basic jigging lures...You will also receive 2 jigging kits full of Jigs from Jammin Jigs...