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                   "Walks on Water" Tournament Series, Georgetown lake

Welcome to the Walks on Water Tournament page for Georgetown Lake for 2018!!! The 2nd annual $10,000.00 Georgetown Catch and Release Tourney will be

 FEBRUARY  24 TH, 2018

  From 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m

       NEW FOR 2018:

First place winner gets a chance to win an extra $10,000.00 this year....Details coming!!!



**   Pre-registration/Check-in and the award and sponsor give aways will be done at the warming hut this year...

**  Handicap: if you are unable to get to the judges stand in a timely manner this Tourney (2018) with your fish, we will give you a flag to wave and we will come to you and measure your fish!!!

**  We are going to measure the fish by length this year by 1/8 "  and in case of a tie, as a lot of fish in Georgetown are really close to the same size, the biggest fish by length that is caught the earliest , will be counted as the bigger fish between the ones that tied in size...We are using 2 measuring stations on the lake this year and if 2 fish are the same length and measured at the same time from different stations, we will flip a coin to see who finishes higher...Example: station 1 measures a fish at 8:30 that is 21" long and a fish is brought to the other station, station 2 at 8:30  and is 21" long, we will flip to see who's fish will count as being caught first...


                                                  Here is how we are doing the registration this year.....

***  Click on the pre register link below to pay threw PayPal....Print a copy and bring with you in case of a problem...

***  After paying, please click on the Registration/Release link..Print the registration page out and we need 1 for every ticket bought please..You can fill it out and bring to the Check in tent the morning of the event to get your numbered bracelet....

***   Kids Registration:: Please go to the contact us page and send us a e-mail with your kids name on it that will be fishinG...


                                                                   ADULT DIVISION          


            1ST - $500.00     a   trophy  and  A CHANCE TO WIN AN EXTRA $10,000.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

                      & a Guided fishing trip for 3 from Rocky Mountain Outfitters                               

            2ND - $300.00    a    trophy   

                      & a Cabela's 2 man Shanty                    

            3RD - $200.00    a    trophy

                      & a Cabela's Advanced Anglers Magnum tackle box with 12 trays...Huge lure box!!!

            4TH - $100.00    a    trophy

                      & a Cabela's Pro Guide tackle box with  4 trays...

            5TH - $  75.00    a    trophy

                      & a Cabela's Ice rod case

            6TH - $  50.00     a   trophy

                      & a Eagle Claw ice rod case

            7TH - $  50.00     a   trophy

                      & a Eagle Claw ice rod case

            8TH - $  50.00     a   trophy

                      & a Eagle Claw ice rod case

            9TH - $  30.00     a   trophy

                      & a Eagle Claw ice rod case

            10TH - $ 30.00    a   trophy

                     & a Cabela's 11" Utlilty bait binder and tool kit


                                                            KIDS DIVISION

                                  1ST THREW 10TH PLACE GET A TROPHY

Some of the raffle items to be given away at the trophy presentation are:

5  -  Automatic Fishermen

1  -  Cabela's hard shell ice rod case

4  -  Eagle Claw In Line Ice Reels & Jigging Pole combos

1  -  Cabela's Fillet table with sink

1  -  Cabela's tailgate Fillet table

6  -  Golden Package's - includes:   6  passes for a family of 4 to the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden

                                                           6  free pizza tokens from The Original Woodys Pizza in Golden

                                                           Specials from New Terrain Brewery in Golden

4  -  Tickets to the Georgetown Loop Railroad

12 -  $ 25.00 gift cards from Sportsman Warehouse

3   -  Hockey style red Eskimo hoodies

1   -  2 free rentals, 2 field fees and 1000 rounds of paint from Paintball Adventures and Joe Klein

100 -  $30.00 off when you spend $150.00 at Sportsman Warehouse

200 -  $20.00 off when you spend $150.00 at Cabela's

24  -  Dynamic Lures to be paired with something to be named later

**  Food and Drinks will be for sale at the lake by Meg's Mountain Kettle Corn...She will be making kettle corn on site and will have Coffee,Tea, Bottled Water, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and pre-packaged Danishes...

**  Holes will not be drilled for you this year...We will have augers for you to use if you want to fish and don't have one.....We are letting you drill were you want this year...Certain areas may be roped off as we still have to let people who don't want to fish the tourney fish the lake with us....


**  You will receive a numbered bracelet to wear this year and can receive this early so you do not have to check in Tourney morning!!! Register before Feb. 15th to receive number in the mail!!!

             You cannot get on the ice until 7:30 a.m. the day of the tournament AND NO HOLES CAN BE DRILLED UNTILL THE STARTING GUN GOES OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                                    2016 Tournament Results

 For those that didn't hear, for the 2016 Tournament, we had 126 people fishing and registered 136 fish...That says a lot for the people we had out here and for the care of the lake...

 Below were the WINNERS of the first annual Ice Fishing Tournament at Georgetown lake on Feb. 28th 2016.

                 Adult Division:                                                                Kids Division:

1st - Danny Anderson won the $800.00 top prize                      1st - Brady Hewitt

2nd - Lonnie Grooms                                                                 2nd - Daniell Marquez

3rd -  Derek Barnes                                                                    3rd -  Austin Martinez

                                                                                                    4th -  Carson Michael

                                                                                                    5th -  Hunter Williams