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   If you are you looking to rent some ice fishing supplies that you can pick up and take any were in Colorado and use, this is the place!!!....We have all that you need and more and can supply you with everything you need to get out in this beautiful state and experience a great day on the ice....We have full packages that come with everything you need to ice fish for all species here in Colorado or you can pick and choose what you need, from heaters up to gas augers and shanties...You can also find out information on all the ice fishing tournaments going on here in Colorado...
This site has been featured on the front page of the Golden Newspaper, featured on 9 news.com, been in 5280 magazine, and was featured in a story of 100 things to do in Colorado, we were number 50...This February we filmed our first show for t.v. with Shannon "Lefty" Larsen Host of the Lip'Em & Rip'Em T.V. Show...

                                              GUIDE SERVICE / WESTERN SLOPE RENTALS

We do not guide  but Robbie Richardson, owner of Sport Fish Colorado can take you out...He does rentals for the western slope and guides on the Blue Mesa, 11 Mile and a few others and is available at:        icefishcolorado.com         


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